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Training for Every Body.

Midtown Athletics is a diverse community with a culture focused on achieving results through education, hard work, and fun. With certified and experienced instructors who are always ready to help, our clients are guaranteed to have a progressive training experience and a connected community.

Workout Facility

A facility in the heart of Midtown.

A program thats right for you.

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Midtown Mini's

Perfect for children (ages 4-6) who are looking to have a LOT of fun, develop focus and attention skills while also learning the basics of TaeKwonDo. 


Improve fitness, reduce stress and build skills in leadership, focus, confidence, and self-defense. Traditional TaeKownDo for all students (ages 6+) white belt to black belt and beyond.

HIIT The Gym

A 45-minute, high-intensity workout combining strength training and cardio to create a lean, strong, functional athlete. Classes are instructor-led to provide you with a safe space to train and grow.


Custom nutrition coaching tailored to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Build healthy habits, reach your goals, and improve your relationship with food and your body!


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