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Midtown Mini's

Membership includes one, 30-minute class per week. All beginning white belts attend the BEGINNER MINI'S. Once they achieve yellow stripe, they will move to INTERMEDIATE MINI'S. Once they achieve blue stripe they will move to ADVANCED MINI'S. Graduation from the Midtown Mini's Program occurs when a student achieves their MINI'S BLACK BELT and will be transferred to the Traditional TaeKwonDo Program. Once a Mini has graduated the program, no Beginner Level classes are necessary as they move into Traditional TaeKwonDo. 

Traditional TaeKwonDo Program

Membership includes up to three, 60-minute classes per week. Students have access to Beginner's Only, Intermediate Only, Advanced Only, and All Levels classes. Beginners should attend at least one Beginner's Only and one All Levels class per week in order to retain information and progress towards their next belt.


Beginners Only classes are for White and Yellow Belts.

Intermediate Only is for Green and Blue Belts.

Advanced Only is for Red and Black Belts.

All Levels is for all belts.

Black Belt Program

Membership includes unlimited, 60-minute classes per week. Students have access to all classes in additional to a Black Belt Only class. Students are required to participate and/or assist with instruction of lower ranks during class in order to further develop their Black Belt rank.

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