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Dive into a community where functional fitness, strength, conditioning, and high-intensity training converge in a dynamic 50-minute workout. Midtown Athletics isn't just another gym; it's a boutique training facility than goes far beyond the mundane routine of circuits and stations.

At Midtown Athletics, we celebrate diversity in fitness. Our community is open-hearted and welcoming, catering to everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes, young and old alike.


Our FLEX50 Group Training is for EVERY BODY. With each workout led by a certified instructor, you have the freedom to tailor the session to your fitness level. Choose your track within FLEX50:

  • SWEAT: A cardio-intensive track for those looking to elevate their heart rate and endurance.

  • BUILD: A strength-focused track aimed at muscle building and power enhancement.

Every session can be scaled to meet you where you are or leveled-up to push your limits. Our commitment is to provide a supportive, engaging environment where every member can thrive. We limit our class sizes to 10 athletes, ensuring you receive the personal attention necessary for safe progression while benefiting from the motivation and camaraderie of a group setting. This balance of individualized coaching and group energy is what makes Midtown Athletics a unique and effective fitness experience.


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